How to do Vegas with your family!

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family-vegasWhen planning a vacation with your parents, travel sites provide a multitude of family friendly options to choose from. The last place you would likely every think of bringing mom and dad, is Sin City. Unless you’re my family. What makes it even more awkward is that my parents don’t really drink…like, at all. A city full of Gamblers, Boozers, Strippers – and the Sovani’s? Yup. We did it. And we had a blast! Let me preface this article by pointing out my father, who’s 60th birthday was the reason for our get together, has worked in the hotel & restaurant business his entire life. But he had never been to Vegas (not surprising now that you know pops doesn’t gamble, smoke, or booze it up.) but since Vegas is the quintessential destination for the hospitality industry – with the city’s incredible food, world class entertainment, and over-the-top hotels – it seemed fitting we surprised my dad with a weekend in Vegas. The adventure was an incredible family bonding experience that brought us all out of our comfort zones. If you’re curious to do the same, I’ve included our entire itinerary below!

vegas-poolTRAVEL HACK:  On any vacation with your family schedule down time! It gives you a break from the OG squad, some quiet time to do something on your own, or even just take a nap so you’re not cranky. Feel free to steal my schedule below, we really stuck to it and had an incredible time.

mon ami gabi vegas aliya jasmineVEGAS TRAVEL TIPS: For starters, keep the weekend short. Vegas is amazing in small bursts, but it can get depressing after the 4th day, which is when you get acclimatized  to the bright lights and start seeing the sad stuff that’s been in the shadows the whole time: the old lady still sitting at the same slot machine wasting away her savings and chain smoking cigarettes, the strippers trading babysitter information, realizing none of the hotel casinos have windows and you start feeling the need to escape. Fly your family to Vegas for a Friday morning arrival, and leave late Sunday night. Take Monday off to recover at home.

aliya jasmine mike vegasSOVANI FAMILY VEGAS ITINERARY 

10:00 am
Arrive at your quintessential vegas hotel. We booked the Luxor hotel, its iconic, just cheesy enough, and right on “The Strip.” Best of all, it’s inexpensive.
11:30 am
Check-in and leave your bags at the concierge, since you can’t get your room until 3pm. Grab your swimsuits and a magazine, and go have lunch by the pool. This is your only time to RELAX in the sun this weekend. Enjoy!
3:00 pm
Check in to your rooms, take a nap if you need to (sun is strong), and get ready for dinner.
6:00 pm
Meet in the lobby and cab to dinner.
7:00 pm
Drinks & appetizers above Las Vegas! Enjoy the view of the strip at the Mandarin Bar on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel – ask for a window seat!
mandarin hotel bar vegas8:00 pm
Dinner at MOzen bistro (same hotel) – or just fill up at the Mandarin Bar!
10:00 pm
Grab a drink & Check out the casino at Aria or Bellagio hotels

End of Day 1.aliya jasmine sovani family mike vegasSATURDAY:
8:00 am
Hotel Sight Seeing today! Meet in Hotel Lobby and cab to VENICE, ITALY! (The Venetian Hotel)
9:00 am
Breakfast Reservations: Canonita Mexico Restaurant inside the Venitian Hotel.
10:00 am
Buy tickets for Gondola Boat ride! Great way to tour The Venetian hotel and get cheesy family photos.
11:30 am
Cab to New York, New York! Hotel
12:00 pm
Buy tickets for Roller Coaster. Play Arcade Games. Explore “New York Hotel”
vegas-roller-coaster1:00 pm
Drive to PARIS, FRANCE! for a late lunch.
1:30 pm
Make reservations at MON AMI GABI for 2pm, but arrive in advance (resos are only made  for inside restaurant) arrive early and get on the list to wait for a patio table with a view of the Belagio Fountains!
3:00 pm
Walk across street and check out the beautiful Fountain Show at the “Bellagio Hotel” (Starts every 1⁄2 hour)
4:00 pm
DOWNTIME: Head back to Luxor Hotel to nap/chill & get ready for evening.
6:00 pm
Meet in Hotel Lobby and drive to Vegas Show.
absinthe vegas aliya-jasmine7:00 pm
VEGAS SHOW – We went to see Absinthe at Caesars Palace. It was hilarious and crass! Definitely not politically correct, and a few awkward moments sitting next the parental unit, but we all had a blast and I would recommend it if your family has a sense of humour.
9:00 pm
Drive to Cosmopolitan Hotel for food, and grab a drink inside the famous “Chandelier Bar” (It’s a bar inside a huge chandelier).
10:00 pm
Walk around Casino & Slot machines. If you want to dance (we were all too tired) there is the LAX Nightclub at the Luxor Hotel, which makes it an easy place to check out for a couple songs and then a quick elevator ride up to your rooms.

End of Day 2.wynnSUNDAY
9:00 am
Meet in lobby and cab to the WYNN hotel

10:00 am
Grab brunch on the outside patio at the WYNN Hotel and walk around the beautiful lobby – it’s incredible!
1:00 pm
Walk around any hotels you haven’t had a chance to see yet, like ARIA, Bellagio, or Caesars Palace.
3:00 pm
Get ready for airport & fly home!aliya-jasmine las vegasHope you have an amazing weekend in Vegas! If you use my itinerary, please tweet me @AliyaJasmine and let me know how you enjoyed my recommendations. Have fun!


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