Parksville, Canada: Where the Wilderness has a Grotto Spa

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tighnamara parksvilleTigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort provides rustic Canadian villas nestled on 22 acres of forest, with a luxury spa and ocean front beach access that creates a crossroad where nature meets comfort.
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When I was asked to speak about television media at the CEGN environmental conference being held in Parksville, British Columbia, I imagined a scene that comprised more of Birkenstocks and mosquito bites than relaxing and lavish amenities. However, the Tigh-Na-Mara was the perfect backdrop for environmentalists, journalists, and funders with deep pockets to all find something that peaks curiosity.

cabin parksvilleEat.
The food throughout the resort is incredibly fresh, no doubt because it’s all locally sourced and offered seasonally. The Wild Pacific Salmon is always a favored choice, especially in the fall months when this region sees the popular salmon run come through their waters. The hotel bar offers a wonderful selection of B.C. wines for those who like to taste the local palette.

rooms parsville

Tigh-Na-Mara offers private cabins, great for families travelling with little ones (human children or the furry type) and a newly renovated building with hotel rooms. The latter offers a gorgeous view of the pacific coast. Each room balcony offers the perfect place to watch as high tide brings the shore line right under your balcony as you sip morning coffee, and by the afternoon low tide reveals hundreds of feet of sand, sea shells, eagles, and other little critters that make great photo opportunities for instagram. Across all their lodging options, the décor is consistent – and one hundred percent Canadianà. The bed frames are built with big logs, and lumber is also the choice material for the tables, chairs, couches and wall structure. The rooms smell of cedar, and not the kind from a candel – this is the real deal. To boot, all the wood is sourced locally from British Columbian forests.

Grotto Parksville

The Grotto spa invites you into the teal colored water of a warm mineral pool and a two-story waterfall. The world renown spa services cater to the conference go-er who needs to relax on a massage table to the bachelorette party getting matching pedicures. Sandblasted glass (bearing the images of whales, dolphins, eagles and other local wildlife) which line the walls of the spa, are made by  local Canadian artists, never letting you forget the tiny gem of nature in which you find yourself staying.

beach parksville
Whether you decide to dine in your robe at the Treetop Tapas & Grill for a chef’s tasting, or sit on logs at the coastline to watch the sunset, the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort has found a wonderful crossroads where lavish meets local.

low tide parksville


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