shark fin give em the fin

Shark Finning: Give ‘Em The Fin!

Shark Finning is a gruesome practice that threatens the health of our oceans. It is a global issue that affects us all. Take a moment to send a clear message: Sharkfinning is unacceptable. Pose giving the ‘international sign of the shark’ (if you’re a scuba …


Parksville, Canada: Where the Wilderness has a Grotto Spa

Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort provides rustic Canadian villas nestled on 22 acres of forest, with a luxury spa and ocean front beach access that creates a crossroad where nature meets comfort. Here’s my Travel Vlog from YouTube! (Article continues below…) When I was asked to speak about television media at …


Sea Otter in Trouble!

A pregnant otter, panting, struggling, in visible distress. I had just finished filming humpback whales feeding (which is what Moss Landing is known for) for a story I was working on about the unique whale attacks around Monterey Bay when I stopped to admire some …

wolfpack dogs rabies feature

1 Million Dogs

Behind-the-scenes video from our photo shoot in Hollywood: Did you know there are 700 million dogs in the world today? Many of them live in Kenya, China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bangladesh – and are unwanted, unhealthy, and unvaccinated.  According the World Animal Protection, the fear …

monterey bay whales aliya-jasmine

Whale Watching in Monterey Bay

Driving down the wide-open roads lined with antique stores, Moss Landing would have you believe that this is a quiet, old-fashioned little fishing town. But take a quick boat ride into nearby waters to witness the regular occurrence of orca whales ambushing local marine life, and when …

yosemite 2

Yosemite National Park

It was late in the evening when we drove from our home in LA to Yosemite. As we approached the lodge where my sister and her boyfriend awaited us, it was total darkness.  Without any nearby city lights we arrived into a pitch black open space. Imagine our …

save wild tigers extinct

Your Mom Can Save Wild Tigers!

Are you a mom? Maybe you’re just shopping for one. I can’t think of a more incredible gift than adopting a wild tiger…how lame do those roses sound now? The largest of the cats, the tiger, is one of the most threatened species on earth. …


Stingray City

Stingray City refers to the shallow ocean water in a natural channel that passes through a barrier reef in Grand Cayman, and consists of a string of sandbars where southern stingrays come to interact with humans.