Celebrate Puppy Love | Partnership with the World Society for the Protection of Animals
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I am beyond honored to announce my new partnership with the World Society for the Protection of Animals for their red collar campaign.

Millions of dogs die every year because of the human fear of rabies. Real talk, when is the last time you thought “OMG I might get rabies?!” - like, never. But rabies is still a very real fear in developing countries. More than 3 billion people (nearly half the worlds population) are living in places where dog rabies still exists, and dog bites cause human death.

In order to prevent human deaths, these countries cull 20 million dogs every year – that means 38 dogs are being murdered EVERY MINUTE. The crazy part of this issue – is that the world’s leading organizations committed to controlling rabies all agree that killing dogs doesn’t actually control rabies and therefor, has no impact on reducing the incidence of rabies in humans! WTF?!

Is there not a way to protect humans AND protect man’s best friends? The scientific answer is a very loud, YES.

Mass Vaccinations.

A high-level of immunized dogs means the disease in unable to spread, and when canine transmitted rabies is eliminated in dogs, it also means it will be eliminated for humans. (woo-hoo!)

So the WSPA will be working with Governments in Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Latin America, and Africa to introduce the Red Collar campaign – simply put: when a dog is vaccinated, they get a red collar. Red Collar = Don’t be scared.

Simple. Effective. Humane.


Nothing happens without funding – so this Valentines day, Mike & I are appearing in the WSPA’s red collar digital campaign. Want to get your lover a gift that is truly full of love? 25$ saves 25 dogs in developing nations. Best gift ever? Totally. Please join us! For the love of dogs…and life.


(You can see George Hamilton’s red collar in this interview for Get Leashed Magazine, the same collar vaccinated dogs in developing countries will get!)